5 Minutes with Jenni Eklov...

Jenni Eklov wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up.  She soon found out she loved animals too much and couldn’t stand to see them hurt or to put them down. 

After graduating high school, Jenni went to college for Cosmetology but hairstyling wasn’t the future for her either.  So she became a receptionist at Homes Murphy and was recruited by a CRS employee because of her positive and friendly personality about a year later.  She has been handling medical only claims for 11 years at CRS. 


When Jenni is not handling medical only claims, she enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters.  The youngest two are identical twins, but one gave herself a nice one sided pixie cut to help tell them apart!  Good thing Jenni went to Cosmetology school first!


In her spare time, Jenni enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine and a plate of pasta.  She also enjoys cooking and entertaining friends and family.  One thing Jenni does not like… is camping, it’s the bugs!


If Jenni was stranded on a tropical deserted island, she would like to have the following three items with her…

  • Bug spray and SPF lotion
  • A Wilson volleyball
  • A tanker full of Pink Moscato and pasta (what are the odds!)


Jenni finds the most challenging aspect of handling claims is delivering bad news.  Throughout the years with CRS, she had decided against handling more complex claims because she liked the churn and burn of medical only, where she could leave the stress of claims at the door.  It has worked out nicely for her peace of mind and for CRS.