5 Minutes with Callie Bachman...

Callie started her career as a ballet dancer.  She spent several years mastering her pirouette, frappe and jete skills.  For those of you who are not familiar with ballet – the meaning of these skills are twirl, step movement and a jump move.  She belonged to a ballet company for many years until she hurt her knee and had to have surgery.  It is a little ironic she now works in workers’ compensation when she has been the recipient of the benefit.  Her former injury helps her appreciate claimant’s concerns.


Eating out is one of Callie’s favorite pastimes.  Her favorite restaurant is in New York City.  Barbuto is the name on the restaurant.  They have an amazing chef who received the 2106 James Beard Award winner for the “Best Chef, New York City”.  She enjoys their American food – especially the patate, which is potatoes, pecorino and rosemary. Click here to learn more about Barbuto!


Sustainability has become a focus for Callie.  She has been researching how and why we need to achieve sustainability.  In short, sustainability is to protect our natural environment and how we may live in harmony with the natural world around us, protecting it from damage and destruction which will enable the Earth to continue supporting human life for many generations. 


One way Callie is working toward sustainability is the stewardship of consumption.  For example, reducing packaging and discouraging food waste.  She is using reusable cloth bags, stainless steel straws and glass bottles.  She says it is easy if you just make it a habit!