The Giving Season

For the past three years Creative Risk Solutions has worked with our local Big Brothers Big Sisters to adopt a local family in need each December. This program makes the giving experience more personal and everyone really enjoys it! This year the family we were paired with was a single mother, with 4 children, ranging from 6 to 14 years old.

The whole process from start to finish, is truly inspiring.  We start by putting all of the wants and needs of each family member on an ornament, and hang the ornaments up for the team to see and select as many as they prefer.  It is truly inspiring to see how much something as simple as picking an ornament can bring out the best in people! As gifts start to come in, you see some awe inspiring things. 

Gifts travel from all across the country to get here. 

Our team not only donates, but some even ask to be notified if there is anything left, because they don't want our family to be missing a thing. 

Team members have gone shopping for our family with their own kids, and are proud of how caring and empathetic they can be. 

Items have been purchased, but not removed from the list, to give these children the chance to get more than one set of clothing or toy.

Some are reminded of their own  childhood, and almost relive the memories as they grab a certain item on a child's wish list. 

Each year, our team seems to connect with our adopted family without ever meeting them, and truly enjoys the fact that they are helping this family have a great holiday that they may not have had otherwise.  We are proud of this giving tradition, and hope to keep it going for many years to come. 

With that we wish you the happiest of holidays with your own family, and a bright new year full of opportunities!