5 Minutes with Justin Comer...

Justin is the “Compliance Guy” for CRS.  Justin handles everything from third party administration rules and regulations, ensuring company policies and procedures are being followed and CRS standards met.  Justin began his career at a collection agency; however, his attention to detail and communication skills landed him a compliance position.


Over the years, Justin has met work-life challenges with a great attitude.  He learns as much as he can, gets involved and becomes the subject matter expert to undertake new career paths.  His wife, Mandi, challenges him to be a better person.  She sets the bar high; Justin motivates himself to achieve a strong work ethic at work and home.  With two young children, it is difficult to find time for each other; however, Mandi and Justin make sure they do.  One way is to talk about their day while making dinner together.


If Justin was stranded on a tropical deserted island he would like to have the following three items with him…

  • Sandals – he learned in the military to protect your feet.

  • Water Purification System – clean water.

  • Survival Knife – inside the knife he would like to have matches, compass, fishing line and basic first aid.


Justin grew up watching Iowa Football with his Dad.  Now, he watches Iowa Football with his sons.  He also loves sailing and bow hunting.  Both of these past times are relaxing and peaceful.  Through hunting with his Step-Dad, Justin learned responsibility and conservation management.


If one was stranded on a tropical island – Justin would be the person to take with you to survive.