5 Minutes with Stacy Ruggless...

Stacy Ruggless graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Sports Management.  Leaving college and looking for a job in Des Moines Iowa (insurance focused city) he found a position as a property adjuster at Allied.  He moved on to EMC where he worked his way up to a general liability litigated specialist. 


Stacy began his career at CRS as a large loss and litigated specialist for general liability.  He transitioned into an Account Manager role.  Stacy enjoys working with clients and meeting them face-to-face.  Being with customers and promoting CRS is what he likes best about his positon.


Stacy compares how he makes decisions to a Zebra…seeing the world in black and white his choices are very clear.  Stacy gathers the facts and makes his decisions in a no nonsense way.  As an analytical thinker, Stacy recognizes there are positive and negatives to very situation.  He keeps his focus on the positive.


If Stacy was stranded on a tropical deserted island he would like to have the following three items with him…

  • Deborah, his wife and best friend.  Plus she is a great cook!
  • Direct TV – because he cannot miss the Steelers and Iowa State play football.
  • A boat to cruise the ocean – 35 foot Sea Ray Cruiser…with an unlimited supply of gasoline.


If you are stranded on a tropical island, call Stacy – he has a boat!