5 Minutes with Lisa Hersant...

Lisa has been in the claims industry for 8 years.  She worked at NCMIC and Farm Bureau before arriving at Creative Risk Solutions (CRS).  She fell into the insurance profession, after college, with a recommendation from a friend.  Lisa has handled medical malpractice, personal lines, commercial and litigated files since her career started.  Lisa finds the insurance world challenging and enjoys deciphering the ins-and-outs of claims.  CRS keeps her mind sharp as it provides her with a mental challenge while her children are her physical challenge.  


Lisa has two children.  She had both children when she was 35 years of age, yes, both of them.  In doing the math, her two children are 10 months apart.  With two children close in age, chasing them is her physical challenge.   


If Lisa was stranded on a tropical deserted island she would like to have the following three items with her…

  • Her husband for survival (fire, water and food)
  • A good book
  • Margarita’s  


Lisa enjoys outdoor sports, especially golfing and playing sand volleyball.  She has always enjoyed taking long walks although now with two young children her walks are now back and forth to the park.