Maverick, which stands for Original and Individual, was created with one important factor in mind: to better enhance your claims management experience.

Maverick allows you to track your company’s claim data and activity through reports, dashboards, and reporting new losses, all while staying in touch with Creative Risk Solutions each step of the way!  



Maverick lives on one single platform and automates workflows to save you time! Maverick's smart claim intake guides you through the claim reporting process with ease, and will recognize if you have more than one claim to report for a single accident, guiding you through reporting all possible claims at one time, and giving you each claim number along the way!

Making a report for an employee who has had a past injury or for a vehicle with a past accident? Maverick features a time saving employee and asset search, allowing you to search and pull in the information if is already in our system! 

 Once each claim is fully submitted you will gain immediate access to the claim number.  When an adjuster is assigned, a claim acknowledgement email will be sent to the designated recipients at your company with a claim summary in the body of the email.



Maverick allows access to view your company’s losses in real-time via in depth claim details, or get snapshots of collective data through your homepage dashboard!


You will have access to a library of pre-built reporting templates that you can run, modify and filter to fit your company’s analytical needs, as well as the capabilities to build your own custom reports to your own specifications. You will find numerous loss trending reports such as cause of loss, claim type, average claim cost, frequency of loss among others. Find yourself needing a mid month loss run report? Maverick gives you that and more, right at your finger tips.


New resources and training materials are always being added. videos on navigating your loss runs and understanding page layouts to a step by step video on Maverick claim reporting. We are continually creating and posting new training videos based on feedback we receive from our clients and partners!


Who doesn’t want to make their life easier? In Maverick, you can assign yourself tasks on claims and send your adjuster an email directly from the claim!


Maverick has been custom built by Creative Risk Solutions to uniquely suit the needs of our clients and professional partners. It's functionality is ever evolving to be able to enhance and add features to continue improving our customer experience.  We welcome and appreciate ideas and suggestions from our customers to create future system enhancements.