California MEdical Provider network

Creative Risk Solutions is pleased to provide the Creative Risk Solutions/Coventry MPN. Utilizing a select group of highly qualified medical and ancillary service providers, this custom network provides exciting capabilities to deliver prompt and appropriate treatment, designed to return your injured workers to productive employment expeditiously. Our MPN offers a comprehensive range of services from healthcare professionals and facilities across California. 

Medical Provider Network (MPN) Information 

California residents: Click here to search for providers. 

MPN Name: Creative Risk Solutions/Coventry MPN (MPN ID # 2430) 

Medical Access Assistant: 833-413-6750

For additional information regarding the California Medical Provider Network, please contact MPN Contact Justin Comer, Compliance Consultant at 877-544-7843 or

For your convenience, our Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides access to a Medical Access Assistant that can help you find available MPN physicians of your choice and can assist you with scheduling and confirming physician appointments. The Medical Access Assistant is available to assist you Monday through Saturday from 7am-8pm (Pacific) and schedule medical appointments during doctors' normal business hours.  Assistance is available in English and in Spanish. Our Medical Access Assistant, Arcy Guillen, can be reached at (833) 413-6750 or

Please contact Justin Comer at 877-544-7843 or for information on how to obtain a copy of any notification or policy pertaining to the MPN, this includes but is not limited to, second and third opinion process, access standard policy, the complete written MPN employee notification, continuity of care policy and transfer of ongoing care policy. 

EMPLOYer responsibilities - California

The Creative Risk Solutions/Coventry MPN has been created to ensure your employees receive prompt access to treatment for any work-related injury or illness by healthcare professionals with expertise in occupational health care. The goal is to have employees injured on the job receive appropriate treatment so they may return to work safely after the work-related injury or illness. Your help is needed to accomplish this goal. 

The following information is designed to guide you through your MPN responsibilities and to assure that your employees are directed to a Creative Risk Solutions/Coventry MPN doctor at the time of injury. 



  • Pre-designation of Personal Physician Form (English Form | Spanish FormThis form should be provided to all employees as part of the new hire paperwork. 


  • Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused by Work (DWC-7)  (English Form | Spanish FormPost this notice in break rooms, cafeterias, or anywhere that employees can view.  Must be posted in ALL locations where there are multiple locations.  Post beside the Contact Information and Assistance Unit Form on the bulletin board. Note: Complete your insurance carrier in the fillable blank that is 2nd from the bottom on the first page.  If you are unsure about current carrier information, reach out to your Client Service Consultant.


  • Division of Worker's Compensation (DWC 1) Employee Claim Form (English + Spanish FormProvide this form to the injured worker within 24 hours of a work-related injury.  
  • Employer's First Report of Injury (Form 5020)  (Download FormComplete this form upon receiving notice of a work-related injury.  Note: When a claim is reported through Maverick, this is automatically generated on WC claims and can be retrieved from the claim in the files tab. 


  • Complete Written Employee Notification (English Notification | Spanish NotificationThe Complete Written Employee Notification is linked above for your information.  It is provided to your employees at the time of injury and may assist you in answering questions about the workers' compensation process. 
  • Continuity of Care Policy (English Policy | Spanish Policy) The Continuity of Care Policy outlines what Creative Risk Solutions is required to do if a provider is terminated from the MPN and is treating an injured worker.  Retain this information for your files as it must be made available for review upon employee request. 
  • Transfer of Ongoing Care Policy (English Policy | Spanish Policy) The Transfer of Ongoing Care Policy outlines what Creative Risk Solutions is required to do if one of your injured workers is treating with a provider who is not in the MPN.  Retain this information for your files as it must be made available for review upon employee request. 
  • Pre-designation of Personal Physician Form (English Form | Spanish Form)  You must advise the employee of his/her right to predesignate his/her own treating physician rather than use the MPN in the event of a work-related injury or illness.  If the employee decides to predesignate his/her own personal physician, then the form titled, Pre-designation of Personal Physician, must be completed and returned to you.  Pre-designation must be done prior to injury.  Retain the form in the employee's personnel file.