At Creative Risk Solutions, we deliver results driven claim resolutions where clients come first.

Creative Risk Solutions (CRS) has been providing claim administration services since 1985. Our creation was based on a need to service larger self-insured employers who wanted an experience tailored to suit their needs, instead of the 'industry standard'. Over the years we have grown steadily, expanding our clientele to range from self-insured employers and captive insurance programs to standard insurance carriers, and we’re proud to help each tackle issues most important to them.

We make it our business to investigate, evaluate, and resolve property casualty insurance claims in a fair and equitable manner. At CRS, we distinguish ourselves by delivering our clients the highest level of service this industry has to offer. We take pride in our mission to uphold the values of CRS: integrity, expertise, and exceptional service. Supporting the success and stature of our clients is fundamental to our mission.

Our Goal

We’ve had great success in serving clients who desire quality specialized service and not the everyday claim administration services. Our goal is to have every client’s experience with us be different from carriers and other third-party administrators (TPAs). How can we do this? By putting clients at the top of our organizational chart, offering the most experienced adjusters in the business, giving clients undivided attention, and communicating all claims properly and in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centers around investigating and evaluating risk management needs to bring targeted results to our clients. This proactive approach allows us to identify areas for improvement and revolutionize the way clients view claims and risk management.

·         Investigate. The first step to delivering results begins with investigating a client’s claims or risk management needs.

·         Evaluate. Our one-on-one proactive approach ensures that we’re there to provide our clients with exceptional service.

·         Results. We take pride in bringing clients targeted, measurable results to improve their company’s bottom line.

Experience Matters

One of the most important aspects of a quality TPA is experience. What sets CRS apart are our numbers, and they don’t lie!

·         24: Our Workers' Compensation Team has an average of 24 years experience!

·         20: Our Liability Team has an average of 20 years experience!

·         46: We adjudicate workers’ compensation claims in 46 states and liability claims in all 50.

·         957 : We have nearly 1,000 years of total experience on our teams!

We can safely say we’ve seen nearly everything. This gives all clients access to a person with dedicated expertise to solve any claims issue. Our team is available to adjudicate workers’ compensation and liability claims across the U.S. Our adjusting staff is licensed where required by state law and is very familiar with these jurisdictions.

As you can see, our experience is second to none. Our people, services, and products are ready and eager to produce a measurable, positive impact to our clients’ bottom lines. Our mission isn’t lip service.

Bigger Isn’t Better

If there’s any way we can define the ultimate success of our own business, it’s seeing our clients thrive and improve their revenue, profits, and efficiencies. When it comes to how we communicate, the number of caseloads our adjusters carry, and how we steward client resources, we are unique.

We’re what you call a “boutique TPA.” Being a boutique TPA affords us the luxury of thinking outside the box, where larger TPAs may struggle. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to form our TPA services around our clients’ needs. The ideas are limitless, and together we can design and create solutions strictly around our clients’ organizations.

In short, we’re a boutique TPA who will customize our risk management programs and services to suit your needs. Bigger isn’t better — exceeding expectations is better!


Are you ready to experience the CRS difference? Please contact us today!