Creative Risk Solutions offers Workers' Compensation health care network options to our clients. Our network provider directories allow you to quickly identify the type of medical providers and/or pharmacies you are looking for, locate providers within a specified distance of any address and print provider listings in your area!

Begin your search for in-network medical providers by clicking the links below:

Click here to access our primary provider options through Conventry.

Click here to access our secondary provider options through Prime Health Services. 


Begin your search for pharmacy providers who are in the network by clicking the link below:

   Click here to access our network pharmacy provider directory.

 California residents review the link below for a specific provider directory.

       California Residents

California Medical Provider Network Contact Information

  • For additional information regarding the California Medical Provider Network, please contact MPN Contact Justin Comer, Compliance Consultant at 877-544-7843 or
  • For your convenience, our Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides access to a Medical Access Assistant that can help you find available MPN physicians of your choice and can assist you with scheduling and confirming physician appointments. The Medical Access Assistant is available to assist you Monday through Saturday from 7am-8pm (Pacific) and schedule medical appointments during doctors' normal business hours.  Assistance is available in English and in Spanish. Our Medical Access Assistant, Arcy Guillen, can be reached at (833) 413-6750 or  
  • Please contact Justin Comer at 877-544-7843 or for information on how to obtain a copy of any notification or policy pertaining to the MPN, this includes but is not limited to, second and third opinion process, access standard policy, the complete written MPN employee notification, continuity of care policy and transfer of ongoing care policy.

Minnesota regulations, please see below for pertinent electronic billing information:

  • Electronic claims should be submitted to Care Risk.  Creative Risk Solutions electronic payer ID is TP038.  When submitting a medical bill electronically, please include the claim number for reference and payment.  For additional information or the claim number for a Workers' Compensation patient, please contact Creative Risk Solutions at 877-544-7843 or via email at
  • For additional information regarding submission of electronic bills, please contact Care Risk or Medata. Care Risk can be reached at 800-297-6909. Medata can be reached via telephone at 877-479-3817 or online through their Provider Portal by clicking here.